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Ensuring a lifelong learning portfolio using tamper resistant,
durable digital records (related to SDG 4)

Digital credentials recorded on CORD are the necessary inputs to initiate discovery, access and enrollment in knowledge acquisition paths. The full learning lifecycle is enriched through the availability of a digital learner records system which allows for trust-based sharing and participation in a marketplace of services providers and evaluation processes. The technology can also be adopted for delivery of education and career training services to economically challenged sections of society along with addressing challenges in disbursement of aid and development funds.

Enabling discovery of validated opportunities and matching skills to
create a higher quality of life (related to SDG 8)

Fair and long term employment opportunities require discovery services which match interested and potential applicants with employers. A lifelong learning portfolio of digital records supplemented with verifiable testimonials, badges and certificates of skills, work experience and feedback enable a vibrant marketplace of opportunities and employment types. CORD enables the participants in the marketplace to exchange and verify information through digital trust based channels. The ability to deliver fair and equitable financial and employment opportunities to vulnerable sections is also one of the important results of adoption of blockchain based management of projects

Creating digital trust systems for better business outcomes and
innovative solutions at scale (related to SDG 9)

Trust infrastructure which are built around sustainable economic models provide the highest confidence in being adopted for high volume of digital credentials. CORD includes a financing approach which focuses on longevity, growth and sustainability - to provide a resilient system for a range of citizen services as well as national infrastructure roll-outs such as logistics, supply chain management, agriculture technology, financial services innovation and banking.

A better quality of life through equitable access to services and
high trust based interventions using technology (related to SDG 16)

CORD provides the utility layer which enables creation of a resilient, sustainable and economically viable ecosystem around authenticated data flows. Through service end-points which are consumed by applications and services the CORD network enables anchoring transaction records and links to information objects which present a durable model for entities participating to collaborate in this ecosystem. CORD enables discovery, access and acclaim records for a range of activities which relate to humans interacting with organizations, other individuals or machines. This provides the foundational layer of digital trust required in a verifiable dynamic data ecosystem. CORD strengthens digital sovereignty through provisioning and maintaining the ecosystem of a digital infrastructure of a publicly available distributed ledger.

If you want to know more about CORD, visit our open-source repository here
and check the SDK repository here. Each of these repositories contains further
documentation on how to setup the developer network, and start contributing.